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The Specialists of Hardwood Floors

  Hello and welcome to our site. We are a Chicago hardwood flooring company , currently located in Rosemont , Illinois , but we cover hardwood flooring projects in Chicago and surrounding suburbs up to 100 miles from 60018 area code. Wpc-Co. is committed to high standard of customer service. This insures our client are fully satisfied and offers a high level of security to each of our experienced and office personnel. We have successfully completed a lot of projects over the past decade.

Quality, Value and Integrity

Our expertise is in installation and sanding / refinishing of hardwood floors , pergo , commercial and residential flooring services , repairs and custom design .  Additional services include moldings and stairs work as well as light remodeling. Wpc-Co. is able to handle your large or small contracting projects. Our company focuses on personal attention to each client. We will provide individualized service from initial planning to final completion of your project.

What Sets Us Apart

          We provide the most innovative and sound architectural services in the area. This is a hands on business. The owner will  personally be doing your job along with his help who has been with him for the past ten years.


Chicago Hardwood Floors



Durable and elegant, hardwood floor is an investment into your home that can always be resurfaced to change to any style desired. It's timeless beauty, enhances every decor and in areas where they may see water and spills, regular maintenance will keep them looking like new for years.


 We provide new hardwood floor installation on concrete slabs, over plywood sub floors, or over existing wood floors. We also install new wood sub floors when needed and we control the moisture by applying a protecting film barrier between sub floors and the new floor.

Our advice: Because acclimation is an important factor in new floor installation we recommend that you keep the new wood in the room for at least one week prior to installation so the floor will not shrink or expand unnecessarily once the floor is down.

::Sanding / Finishing

 Of all the steps in hardwood floor installation, sanding is by far the least favorite because it's noisy dusty and needs a lot of experience . No matter how good or bad the floor is installed (a lot of companies do only the installation job without sanding) , the real beauty of the floor comes to life when the sanding job is done. An experienced sander can make an old floor look like new when a beginner can destroy even the most beautiful new installed floor. We like to sand our floor after installation because only than you can say the job is done, but we also finish other people jobs and provide old floor sanding and repairs.

Our advice: when remodeling, our advice is to let us do the sanding job first and then paint the walls because of the amount of dust involved in the sanding process. When needed we provide paint services too.

:: Repairs

  Because of it's durability you can have the wood floor in your home for years. all it needs it's a nice sanding job and it's like new again and again.
However , accidents might happen ( water is woods enemy number one) so we provide repair jobs like replacing the damaged wood.

 :: Staining

If you  want to let your imagination free and personalize your floor you can choose from a large variety of stains that can be applied on wood floors. We use to work with a large variety of stains starting with most common ones up to the most eccentric  colors  like red, green, blue.....used in bars and dance clubs.


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